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Pallet Rack Upright Column Protectors


Pallet racking is the most common form of storage for warehouses and distribution centers around the world.  With heights ranging from 8' to 40' tall and storing loads often in excess of 30,000 pounds per bay, the safety considerations when interfacing with this equipment should be the highest of priorities for  all associates. 

At the foundation of the pallet rack is the baseplate of front post or column of the pallet rack upright. With forklifts constantly interfacing near this baseplate, the opportunity for a catastrophic event is always present.  The inventory that the pallet rack stores is expensive.  The pallet racking and surrounding equipment is business critical.  But most important, the lives of the associates that work in and around the pallet racking are priceless. 

Please enjoy this simple guide to protecting against a catastrophic event in your warehouse by simply installing pallet rack post protectors around the front column of your pallet rack upright frames.

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Learn More About Pallet Rack Guarding

Pallet rack post protection is a vital component to keeping your warehouse safe. Inexpensive, and simple to install, there are many types of post protectors from which to choose. If you have any comments or opinions on pallet rack guarding, please comment on our blog or submit your thoughts directly to us. 

On our blog, you will learn that our highest recommended post protectors are the bolt-down style, which are not rigidly connected to the actual pallet rack frame.  These types of post protectors are available on Amazon in lots of 10 and with free shipping.  They are available in 8" tall, 12" tall and 18" tall.   

our highest recommended pallet rack post protectors: bolt down column guards

Why These Are The Highest Recommended Post Protectors

  • The post protector is not rigidly connected to the pallet rack frame. Therefore, the force of an impact is isolated from the pallet rack and all of the weight that is stored within it.
  • Anchor bolt holes in front of the post protection as well as behind the post.  This ensures that the post protector has adequate shear force resistance as well as  a high axial strength  in order to resist an overturning moment (torque).  
  • 1/4" thick, heavy gauge steel
  • Made in the USA

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