Our highest recommended post protector: bolt down pallet rack column guards

types of pallet rack column protection

Bolt Down Post Protector

bolt down pallet rack post protector

Bolt down solid steel post protectors cover the base of the upright and are anchored in the concrete. They are not rigidly connected to the pallet rack upright post.  Since these types of column protectors are not physically connected to the pallet rack frame, then then force of the impact is not transferred.

Post Mounted Post Protector

post mounted pallet rack post protector

Post mounted guards are fastened directly to the front column of the pallet rack frames with either hardware or a slotted connection.  This type of pallet rack protection  stiffens the front upright but does not isolate it from an impact.  Therefore, the baseplate anchors of the pallet rack frame are subject to sheer forces of an impact. 

Combination Post Protector

post mounted and bolt down pallet rack post protector

This type of protection for the base of the pallet rack combines the floor anchoring of the bolt down post protectors with the front column connection of the post mounted post protector.  This does offer protection of the anchor bolt baseplates.  However, since it is rigidly connected to the column, an impact force is still transferred to the pallet rack frame

Shock Absorbing Post Protector

Shock absorbing pallet rack post protector

 Shock absorbing pallet rack post protectors  use foam or rubber dampers to protect the rack upright. These column guards may be anchored to the concrete or attached to the upright post.  In either scenario, these types of post protectors were not designed to isolate impact, but dampen it instead.

Snap On Post Protector

Snap on pallet rack post protector

 Snap-on post protectors fit around the pallet rack upright columns . Because of their simple design and ease of attachment, they can be stacked to provide more protection at higher elevations. Installation is quick and easy at any bay level, with no tools required. 

Strap On Post Protector

Strap on pallet rack post protector

  Strap on post protectors attach to the front post of the pallet rack frame using straps  and no hardware. With no tools needed and relatively low cost, they can be attached at higher elevations just like the snap on post protectors. This type of pallet rack protection is primarily for preserving aesthetics and not structural damage protection in the event of an impact.